●May24/2024 The 15thJEMEA Lecture MTG-Microwave Challenging Utilization for Novel development in Steelmaking and Resource Utilization in EU and Japan-



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With the global green transformation underway, the electrification of various industrial processes is emerging as a worldwide trend, extending beyond Japan. This lecture will focus on the processing of raw materials and by-products in mining processes, which traditionally rely on fossil fuels as their primary energy source, as well as technologies for utilizing biomass as a carbon-neutral material, aiming for societal implementation. We will invite European researchers as lecturers to share insights on microwave heating application technology. The lecture will be conducted entirely online. Given the rare opportunity to hear from these lecturers, we encourage your participation. Whether you are a member or not, we eagerly await your active involvement.


【HOST】Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications


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(Sponsorship decided) The Chemical Society of Japan /The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan/ The Mining and Materials Processing Institute
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【Chair 1: Associate Prof. Shutaro Tsubaki (kyushu University) 】

“Can Microwave Heating Technology Contribute to Coal Alternatives and Powdered Raw Material Utilization for Next-Generation Ironmaking?”

Lecturer1 Prof. Ko-ichiro Ohno (Kyushu University)

Abstract: The challenges of transitioning from coal usage and developing technologies for the direct utilization of powdered raw materials are central to the Green Transformation of ironmaking. This presentation will introduce ongoing research on coal alternatives and direct utilization of powdered ores, while also discussing the advantages and challenges of microwave heating.


【Chair2: Prof. Ko-ichiro Ohno(kyushu University) 】

“Microwaves as a potential energy source for the co-recycling of electric arc furnace dust with halogenated plastics”

Lecturer2 Dr. Sanad Altarawneh (University of Nottingham)

Abstract:The accumulation of metallurgical wastes such as Electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) is considered a direct threat to the environment. Current research is split into hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical routes to mitigate the environmental footprint of EAFD. Both approaches pivot around extracting valuable metals namely zinc and lead leaving behind iron rich residue. The latter has been realised at an industrial scale, however, with large quantities of harmful emissions to the environment along with extensive energy usage. Can the utilisation of microwave energy provide the solution to these challenges leading to less overall energy consumption and a reduced harmful emissions?


16:00~16:10 Break

【Chair3: Associate Prof. Shutaro Tsubaki (kyushu University) 】

“Biomass-associated reactions with SAIREM microwave equipment: pyrolysis and extraction. Identification of MW effect“

Lecturer 3 Dr. Alisa Doroshenko (SAIREM)



【Chair 4: Prof. Ko-ichiro Ohno(kyushu University)】

“Microwaves energy as new technology for processing steelmaking sidestreams – Advantages and challenges”

Lecturer 4 Dr. Mamdouh Omran (The University of Oulu)

Abstract:Steel industries generate large streams of by-products wastes annually. These wastes are considered to be hazardous material in many European countries due to their high contents of leachable heavy metals. The environmental regulations force the metal industry to take major steps towards efficient recycling of by-products wastes and prohibiting the wastes landfilling. The current recycling techniques still facing economic, environmental and technical problems due to high energy requirements and high pollution. Recently, microwave energy has been proposed as a new promising method to efficiency recycling steelmaking by products and overcome the disadvantages of traditional recycling methods. In this lecture, a summary of the work related to microwave processing steelmaking sidestreams, and the main challenges need to be resolved in microwave technology to move forward and upscaling this technique from the small laboratory scale to the full production scale.


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