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            14 years have passed since JEMEA (Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications) was established in August 2006, and many symposiums, workshops, and various events have been held. The successive presidents have become the fifth, and for the first time, elected from the private company (former Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.), not from academics.

            Microwave heating has evolved along with microwave ovens on foods, but over the last ten years, it has made remarkable progress, and many industrial microwave applications have been introduced in various fields. Until now, many people thought that microwaves were only reaction by heat, but examples of demonstrating the non-thermal effect (or specific effect) of microwaves have been steadily increasing.

            Also, uniform heating and scale-up were problems, but large-scale commercialization is in progress in the microwave chemistry. Furthermore, by new technological innovation, there is a movement to replace the conventional magnetron with semiconductor oscillator, and there is an opportunity to increase the reliability and mass productivity of microwaves.

            In JEMEA, the bulletin was published in 2015 and the peer-reviewed journal was published in 2017. These publications were opened in J-STAGE last year (2019). Since being posted on J-STAGE, the activities of JEMEA have become recognized by researchers not only in Japan but around the world. In order to further enhance JEMEA’s social credibility and academic value, it is necessary to join the Science Council of Japan (Cooperative Academic Research Organization).

            Microwave technologies are expected to significantly reduce processing time and innovatively increase productivity. From conventional vulcanization of rubber, drying of wood and refractory, heating and thawing of foods, new microwave fields are expanding to advanced material and processing, medical applications, wireless power transmission, and environmental energy fields including automobiles.

            At present, it is at the difficult time due to the influence of new coronavirus, but after the convergence, it will become a completely new lifestyle and industrial structure. JEMEA views it as an opportunity to realize innovative research and development using electromagnetic waves.

            We will continue to work with our members to further develop JEMEA’s activities.

            May 26, 2020
            FUKUSHIMA Hideoki
            Visiting Professor,
            Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, Nagoya University

            President of JEMEA Dr.
Hideoki shinohara

            President of JEMEA Dr. Hideoki Fukusima

            Successive President of JEMEA