Events and Working Groups

JEMEA have various events to promote your research activities.

The events are great chance for you to obtain the information on current research and connection to other researcher.

Symposium (September or October or November)

is the largest event JEMEA holds. Every year 150 – 200 researchers and 10 – 20 company participate. In the symposium KeyNote presentations, oral presentations, poster session and venue are carried out.

Members Meeting (May)

is important event. Regulations of JEMEA basically decided in the Members Meeting. And at the same time 2-3 KeyNote presentations are held. After the presentations, venue are carried out.

Workshop (January)

is interesting event. JEMEA is mainly consisted with researchers on microwave but in the Workshop, presentations in wider field so called ‘cross-disciplinary’ are carried out.

Working Groups

below are acting. You can join at anytime. If you like to join, you can use INQUIRY FORM and write name of working group you want to join in ‘Your questions’.

  • Committee of Editors of Journal and Bulletin
  • Young Researchers’
  • Simulation
  • Social Activity
  • Effect on Living Body and Safe Application
  • Application of Electromagnetic Wave Oriented Cross-Disciplinary Field
  • Visualization of Microwave