Entry & Membership Fees

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Benefit for JEMEA members

1. Participation in the symposium, lectures, seminars produced by JEMEA with the priority fee for members.

2. Members can freely refer JEMEA Bulletin which includes the information on electromagnetic energy.

3. Members can freely refer JEMEA Journal which involves the newest knowledge on electromagnetic energy and can freely post peer-reviewed papers.

4. Members can participate in the activity promoted by WG of JEMEA with priority fee for members. (* The priority fee is not always offered. )

5. Members can obtain the newest information of international meeting and conference based on exchanging the information each other.

Yearly Fee and Entry Fee

Member TypeFee a YearEntry Fee
Member(Corporation)¥40,000(an unit)¥10,000

Check Point

1. At the most 3 persons an unit who belong to the Member(Corporation) can participate the event JEMEA promotes. (They have to pay for text particularly.)

2. JEMEA show the name and the URL on JEMEA HP if a Member(Corporation) hopes so.

3. The entry fee is exempted when Member(Corporation) turns into at the most 3 Members(individual).

4. When a Member(Student) graduate and turns into Member(individual), the entry fee is exempted.

5. If you join JEMEA after October 1 of the year, entry fee is a half price.

6. Entry fee is paid for since April 1 (or entry date) to May 31.


Q. Can person belongs to nowhere become a member?

A. Yes, when you fill the entry form, input ‘individual’ for the corporation.

Q. Do I have to show certificate of belonging of me.

A. Usually no. JEMEA judge your belonging from e-mail address and phone and etc. If you resister the mail address that does not include domain of your belonging like gmail or etc., JEMEA office will confirm when needed.

Q. Can I join as a Member(Student)?

A. If you can provide certificate of student you can be a Member(Student), even if you works at a company or anywhere.

Application Form