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            ●10/13-15 The 15th JEMEA Symposium(Online)


            【Information from the 15th Symposium Organizing Committee】

            ●Considering spread of the COVIT-19, JEMEA decided to hold Sympo2020 as online symposium.
            ●JEMEA opened home page of “Short Course on Oct.13(Wed) with abstracts of 4 lecturer. Please click 「ショートコースHP」(Purple)banner.
            ●Invited Speaker has decided : Professor Bela Torok, PhD(Department of Chemistry University of Massachusetts Boston) Title:“Microwave Activation in Green and Sustainable Applications” on Oct.15(early morning.)

            【Host】Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications (JEMEA)

            【Cooperative organization】
            The Chemical Society of Japan
            The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
            JEMEA will negotiate additional 10 organizations on July.


            10/13(Wed)-10/15(Fri.) Short Course, Symposium and Equipment display @Online.

            10/13(Wed) Short Couse: “New trends of Microwave Technologies – AI/MI & Bio Integration”
            10/14(Thu)~10/15(Fri) Symposium and Equipment display @Online.
            10/14(Thu) evening. Get-together & discussion @online.


            Sympo2021 Site (Zoom)


            Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications (JEMEA)hold annual Symposium, each symposium welcome over 200 researchers from both home & abroad. Sympo2020 was first online symposium due to COVID-19. But it ends successfully thanks to attendees. This year, JEMEA reserved Kitakyushu International Conference Center at Fukuoka, but for to prevent COVID-19 further spread, JEMEA decided to switch Sympo2021 as online symposium. This year JEMEA decided to hold “Short presentation time” before poster session. We will bush up Symposium by making use of Sympo2020’s experience.


            (We will show latest information on this Home page.)

            Start Stop Status
            Abstract Submission June 1(Tue) July 16(Fri)23:59 Abstract Submission: Closed
            Equipment display and ad registratoin June 1(Tue) Aug.13(Fri) Equipment Display and ad registrationく
            Acceptance notice oral/poster presentation July 30(Fri)-plannning
            Paper submission and Camera-ready master for advertisement Aug.2(Mon) Aug.13(Fri) Before registration
            Early registration June 1(Tue) Aug.20(Fri)
            Deadline of bank transfer Aug.31(Tue)
            Early registration siteく
            Latter registration Aug.21(Sat) Sep.27(Mon)
            Deadline of Bank transfer: Sep.30(Thu)
            Before registration
            • Final deadline of registration is Sep.27(Mon). Registration fee needs bank transfer by deadline.
            • Proceedings can be downloaded from Oct.13(Wed.) JEMEA will announce for details later.。
            • Please forgive us if symposium committee need to change those dates.


            【Oral/Poster program】

            JEMEA will announce after Aug.13.


            Oral Presentation

              Please make 15 minutes’ research presentation ( + 5minutes’ Q&A) . After adopted as oral presenter of Sympo2021, please submit 2-page papers by using .docx form are downloadable from Sympo20201homepage. When submission, please upload both .docx file and .PDF file to a sympo2021 website. Sympo2021 is online, please share your slide on the screen with audience during your presentation.

            Poster presentation

            Please prepare poster, in 1-page data . For about short presentation, JEMEA will inform on July 30, to presenter .

            【Abstract Submission】Deadline: July 9(Fri)→July 16(Fri)23:59 Final deaeline

            【Abstract submission site was closed】

            Format of 2 page papers (Accepted presenters must submit 2-page papers by Aug.11(Fri).

            Japanese Format
            Download English Version Template

            【Paper Submission site】

            【Paper Submission】



            JEMEA will give following awards to excellent oral/poster presenter※.
            ※Award winner should be JEMEA member.(Company/Regular/student members)

            <Research Encouragement> 審査対象:予稿(口頭発表・ポスター発表の全て)

            <Best Presentation Award> 審査対象:口頭発表

            <Best Poster Award> 審査対象:ポスター発表



            【Registration Fee】

            Registration Fee (Tax included/Issue receipt )

            Banquet Fee= ¥0 (All the Symposium attendees are invited)

            Type Early registration (By Aug.20(fri)) latter registration(Aug.21-Sep.27)
            Short Course
            Short Course
            Symposium (10/14-15)
            JEMEA & cooperative organization member Regular ¥5,000 ¥8,000 ¥7,000 ¥11,000
            Student ¥2,000 ¥4,000 ¥4,000 ¥6,000
            Non-member Regular ¥7,000 ¥15,000 ¥9,000 ¥20,000
            Student ¥3,000 ¥6,000 ¥5,000 ¥8,000
            • For paying registration fee, you need bank transfer.
            • After registration, auto-response e-mail including Bank account number for registration fee will be arrived. (MUFJ Bank)
            • Member of cooperative organization adapt same price as JEMEA member. (Please input your belonging society’s name when registration.
            • Symposium’s attendee can download Sympo2021 proceedings from Oct.13.(JEMEA will not issue book form.)「受注生産」で希望者に冊子体の販売を別料金(価格後日発表)を行います。ただし申し込みが30人以上あった場合のみとなります。詳細後日発表。ご希望の方は参加登録時に画面からお申し込み下さい。
            • JEMEA will not refund registration fee after bank transfer but inform URL for to download proceedings.
            • Oral presenter of Sympo2021 are limited only to JEMEA members or those who get approval from JEMEA.However, Poster presenters are excluded, non-JEMEA member can apply. Eligibility for Award (Research Encouragement, Best Presentation and Best Poster will be limited only JEMEA member.(Apply for JEMEA member) Application form
            • For about invoice or receipt, if you need the below request, please input your comment within “Remarks” column.
              • If you need to change address to receipt from “ Affiliation + name”.
              • If you need Invoice before bank transfer. Please inform JEMEA by using remarks column.
              • If you need to change address to Invoice from “Affiliation” or change mailing address.
                (Before mailing invoice, Symposium office will contact you for to confirm due date of bank transfer.)
              • JEMEA will mail receipt to Sympo2021 attendees after Oct.18.


            【Equipment display and Advertisement 】

            Deadline Aug.13(Fri)(7/13 extended.)

            【Pamphlet Equipment display and advertisement for Online】

            【registration of Equipment display and advertisement】


            【The 15th JEMEA Symposium Organizing Committee Member】

            Chair: Kazutoshi Ikenaga (Sojo Univ.)
            Vice Chair:Shokichi Ohuchi(九州工業大学)
            Member(Alphabetical order):Yusuke Asakuma(Hyogo Univ.)、Koichiro Ohno(Kyushu Univ.)、Jun Fukushima(Tohoku Univ.)、
            Takero Yoshimura(Sida・FDS)
            Adviser:Masaharu Tsuji(Kyushu Univ.)
            Secretariat: Yoko Sato (JEMEA Office)


            Sympo2021 executive committee
            You can make all the registration about Symposium from JEMEA homepage.

            【JEMEA Homepage】

            Sympo2021 office
            10/13-10/15/ JEMEA Sympo2021@Online


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