GCMEA 2008 MAJIC 1st
Short Course
General Information
GCMEA 2008 MAJIC 1st  
Otsu Prince Hotel,Lake Biwa,Otsu,Japan
General information

Presentation Guideline

(a) Oral Presentations
  • In each presentation room, PC projector is prepared. No OHP or slide projector is available. Oral presenters are asked to bring own PC, and operate by oneself. Local secretariat prepares a Windows PC, can operate PowerPoint, but we recommend to use own PC to avoid trouble.
  • Presenter connects own PC to PC changer of projector before the beginning of the session, and to check the system.
*IMPORTANT* Half Size Poster *
  • GCMEA 2008 Executive Committee offers Half Size Poster Space for all oral presentations. Please prepare half size posters as follows.
    Width: 80cm
    Height: 55cm (see a figure bellow)
  • Posters should be posted before August 5, 12:00, and take off August 7, 18:00-19:00.
  • In award selection, half size poster presentation is also considered. Oral presenters are requested
(b) Poster Presentations
  • One Panel is prepared for each poster presentation.
  • Size of poster board is 90cm width and 210cm height, but can use a area bellow.
    Width: 80cm
    Height: 120cm (see a figure bellow)
  • Posters should be posted before August 5, 12:00, and take off August 7, 18:00-19:00.
Figure:Poster Panel
PDF Version is available here


>> Poster Presentation: 8:30-17:30 on Aug. 5-7
(1) All the Posters Presenters advised to present on board all during the periods.
(2) Poster presenters must be on site at 16:20-17:30 on Aug.5 and Aug. 6.
(3) Oral presenters may kindly be advised to show the essence of the presentations on the board. (Free for price).

>> Day Nursery (for Japanese)
During the Congress, day nursery is available near JR Ohtsu Station.
The name of nursery is "Hamaohtsu Kodomo Mirai-En".
If you would attend the congress with your children and would like to use this service, please apply to the nursery by the form below.

>> Plays & tour
*Water Sports
1. Jet Sky, Sailing and Power Boat will be offered by special discount.
2. Swimming pool in the Hotel will be free for the Guest of Otsu
Prince Hotel and the other participants will get special price.
*Tours (Extra Charge)
One day tour: To Nara, Kyoto will be arranged by JTB
Half day Tour: To Biwako Museum, Miho Museum. Mt. Hiei Temple for Zen Practicing
Beijing Olympic Games: Travel agent of our congress (JTB) will arrange the overall personal travels after the congress (Pre-booking required. Please contact JTB with your planned itenrary and the athletic events you want to see).
*Hand Crafting of Pottery (max 20 persons): 13:30-17:30 during the symposium date
  Pre-sintering by Microwave oven
  Painting & graze
  Sintered by Microwave Oven
  Exhibit and presented at Official Dinner

Trade Exhibits

A Trade Exhibit will be held in parallel with the Congress. Please contact to the secretariat for the opportunity to exhibit products or activities.

Local Secretariat
Proactive Inc.
Promena Kobe 16F, 1-8-1 Higashi-kawasaki-cho,
Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
TEL: +81-78-366-5050 / FAX: +81-78-366-5051
E-mail: majic@pac.ne.jp

Exhibition Application Form (English)
Exhibition Application Form (Japanese)

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