GCMEA 2008 MAJIC 1st
Short Course
General Information
GCMEA 2008 MAJIC 1st  
Otsu Prince Hotel,Lake Biwa,Otsu,Japan
Registration / Submission
The fees are in Japanese Yen.

Registration Fees

Conference Fee *2
Member *1
JPY 50,000
JPY 60,000
(JPY35,000+JPY15,000 *2)
JPY 55,000
JPY 65,000
(JPY40,000+JPY15,000 *2)
(JPY50,000+JPY15,000 *2)
Member *1
JPY 25,000 (JPY10,000 +JPY15,000 *2)
JPY 30,000 (JPY15,000 +JPY15,000 *2)
Short Course Fee *3
Member *1
JPY 10,000
JPY 15,000
Member *1
JPY 5,000
JPY 8,000
(Member*1 and
JPY 6,000
Student (Member*1 and Non-member)
JPY 3,000
Accompanying person *4
JPY 15,000

*1. AMPERE, IMPI, Microwave Working Group (MWG), Chinese Microwave Society or JEMEA members.
*2. The Conference Fee covers all the technical sessions from August 5 to 8, but does not cover the Short Courses on August 4. This fee also covers other events such as the Opening Ceremony, Welcome Reception, and the Registration Kit. The kit includes a nameplate, a conference bag, and a copy of the Conference Proceedings and the CD-ROM. The fee of Banquet (Aug. 7) and lunches during the congress (Aug 5-8) is JPY 15,000.
*3. The Short Courses Fee covers all the Short Course sessions on August 4, but does not cover any other technical session or event in GCMEA 2008. Each registrant for Short Courses will receive a copy of the Digest, which includes presentation materials for the Short Courses.
*4. Accompanying person registration fee covers welcome reception, banquet and lunches during the congress.
*5 For participants of both the Congress and Short Course
We are sorry to inform you that in this online registration system, Short course registration fee is applied old fee. We will refund you the balance between the above fee and the old rate. Please make registration and payment first and get refund onsite at the venue. We appreciate your cooperation.


Proceedings Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be written in clear, concise English and should be condensed as much as possible. Style of Proceedings can be checked by the file “GCMEA2008_proceedings_form.doc”
Brief outline is as follows.
Length: maximum 4 pages. 1 to 4 pages manuscripts are acceptable, but the even pages are highly recommended.
Page size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
Side margins: 20mm
Top and bottom margins: 25mm
Font: Times New Roman 12 points except TITLE
Single space throughout
Units: the units of measure must be SI.
Figures and Tables: Figures and Tables should be sized suitably and numbered consecutively with Arabic numbers like Fig. 1., 2. or Table 1., 2. Figures and tables should be place with proper distances with the text.
Copyright transfer: The copyright of the article published in GCMEA 2008 MAJIC 1st; Proceedings of the First Global Congress on Microwave Energy Applications is to be transferred to the Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications (JEMEA, Japan). The authors are required to agree to complete the copyright transfer process in the online submission procedure at the same time as the maximum 4 page manuscripts are submitted.
Please click the button below to enter Submission page via your personal page in registration system.
Proceedings manuscripts should be submitted by way of “GCMEA 2008 MAJIC 1st” home-page. LOG-IN the Proceedings Submission part and submit the paper according to the guidance.
  1. We recommend that you save your Proceeding in Microsoft Word or PDF format on your desktop and have it ready to upload.
  2. After completing your file, please log-in to your Personal Page and proceed to the abstract submission page and click REVISE button.
  3. After confirming all the required information of the authors and the Proceeding, please click the File Select button, which opens a window for your choice of files. Please choose your file from the list and click the “Send” button.
  4. Please turn to the Next page, and confirm your submitted information. If you need not revise that information, please click “Next” button at the bottom of the page to complete your submission.
  5. By the notification by e-mail titled [Message for Reversion of Abstract Information], you can confirm that your submission is completed.
In addition to publication in the GCMEA Proceedings, a special issue of the Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy will be published featuring select papers from the Congress. All authors are encouraged to participate. Submitted manuscripts will be managed with the ordinal review process required by JMPEE. The manuscript should be prepared following the JMPEE Style Guide. Complete instructions are available at http://www.jmpee.org/ and http://www.impi.org/. The deadline for submission for consideration of publication in the GCMEA Special Issue is September 8, 2008. The Editorial Department requires electronic submission of the following items to admin@jmpee.org :
  • A cover letter
  • One editable copy of the manuscript, with figures, tables and references inserted.
  • One high resolution copy of each figure, saved separately
  • Complete and signed Copyright Release forms and Page Charge forms.
  • A list of three to six potential reviewers for the manuscript.
Copyright (C) 2007,GCMEA 2008 MAJIC All rights reserved.