●Report of the 15th JEMEA Lecture Meeting on May 24, 2024 (Reiwa 6)


On May 24th (Friday), JEMEA’s “2020 Regular General Meeting” and “15th Japan Electromagnetic Energy Applications Conference” were held online (Zoom).

We would like to report on the “lecture Meeting” below.


【Lecture Meeting report】


” The 15th JEMEA Society Lecture Meeting-Using microwaves for new developments in steel production and resource utilization in Japan and Europe-” was held with the following program. 15th lecture program

Lecture participants: 39 people, including 10 non-members (including 3 members of supporting organizations)

Professor Koichiro Ohno (Kyushu University) – Appointed as director of JEMEA on the same day
Dr. Sanad Altarawneh (University of Nottingham)
Dr. Alisa Doroshenko (SAIREM)
Dr. Mamdouh Omran (The University of Oulu)
(in order of presentation).
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to them.
「Photo of Lecturer」

“Can Microwave Heating Technology Contribute to Coal Alternatives and Powdered Raw
Material Utilization for Next-Generation Ironmaking?”
Dr. Koichiro Ohno  (Kyushu University)

“Microwaves as a potential energy source for the co-recycling ofelectric arc furnace dust
with halogenated plastics”
Dr. Sanad Altarawneh (University of Nottingham)

Lectirer 3
“Biomass-associated reactions with SAIREM microwave equipment: pyrolysis
and extraction. Identification of MW effect”
Dr. Alisa Doroshenko (SAIREM)

Lecturer 4
“Microwaves energy as new technology for processing steelmaking side streams
– Advantages and challenges”
Dr. Mamdouh Omran (The University of Oulu)

We would also like to thank everyone who participated, our chairpersons, Professor Koichiro Ohno (Kyushu University/JEMEA new director), Professor Shuntaro Tsubaki (Kyushu University/JEMEA director), and the support of IEEE MTT-S Japan/Kansai/Nagoya Chapters/ The Society of Chemical Engineers, a public interest incorporated association / The Polymer Science Society of Japan, a public interest incorporated association / The Japan Society for Resources and Materials Science, a general incorporated association / The Catalysis Society of Japan, a general incorporated association / The Japan Electroheat Center (JEHC) / The Chemical Society of Japan, a public interest incorporated association
We would also like to thank everyone at the Japan Iron and Steel Institute, a general incorporated association, for their assistance in introducing us to their members.


Since the lecture was in English, the two chairpersons, representing the members, posed many questions to the lecturer from their expert standpoints, working hard to deepen the understanding of the content of the lecture. I received it. We have also received permission from the lecturers to ask questions directly using the contact information for each lecturer in the abstract, so we hope that participants will take advantage of this valuable lecture to exchange information with the lecturers. Please do it. (To all participants: Surveys are being accepted until May 31st. Please click on the red banner on the lecture page.)



【Future event information】


Our society plans to hold the following events in the future. 

5GCMEA, an international microwave conference, will be held from 7/22 to 25/2024, hosted by JEMEA. It will be held at Kyushu University Ito Campus Shiiki Hall. We are accepting applications for presentations until May 31st, and since we are recruiting for the JEMEA session, you can choose Japanese or English as your presentation language. Also Early registration has been extended to June 15th, so we ask all selected presenters, general participants, and companies exhibiting equipment to register two invited employees.

[5GCMEA homepage]
[Summary article of 5GCMEA Japanese – including participation registration manual]


We will inform you about the summer school (autumn school?) hosted by the JEMEA Young People’s Working Group as soon as it is planned.

In the future, we will send each information email to JEMEA members and those who have participated in our society events in the past. Please make registration.

Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications
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Director in charge: Koichiro Ohno (Kyushu University)
Shuntaro Tsubaki (Kyushu University)
          Secretary Director Yoko Sato
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