Hot news: Report about The 12th JEMEA Symposium

JEMEA held The 12th JEMEA Symposium(Sympo2018) at Kitakyushu International Conference Center at Fukuoka prefecture from 11/14(Wed)-17(Sat) and concluded with great success.

JEMEA express our gratitude to guest lecturer, Oral/Poster presenters, attendees, exhibitors. And JEMEA also express appreciation for Co-Host, Granting Agency and Technical Co-sponsorship, Kyushu Institute of Technology, So-jo Univ., Tokyo Institute of Technology and Kitakyushu Convention & Visitors Association.

The 13th JEMEA Symposium(Sympo2019)/Equipment display will be held from Oct.30-Nov.1/2019 at AIST Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture. Dr. Hiroki Shimizu, Chair of Sympo2019 will announce details around early February, 2019.

For about JEMEA best paper/Poster Award winner, JEMEA will announce soon.

*********Details *************

Record of Sympo2018
1.Number of participants (11/14(Short Course)-11/16(Symposium))

  • During Symposium days 233

(Short Course 64, Symposium 169)

  • Breakdown

Short Couse + Symposium 169
Short Course only       5
Banquet only             1

(Including Non-JEMEA Member 77,participants from abroad: 6 countries, 8 people.)


Affiliation: Industry:   89
Public Service:          13
Academic community  73
Total     175

Symposium attendee

Affiliation: Industry: 84
Public Service: 13
Academic community: 72
Total 169

2.Short Course (Nov.14(Wed))

Short Course of 2018

-What we should understand for safety use of Microwave Energy-

Home page:


Participants:64(43 JEMEA members, 21 non-JEMEA members(Including 4 Technical co-sponsorship members.)


Case study of “Hiyari-hatto”, lecture from 3 invited speakers were held.



The 12th JEMEA Symposium (Sympo2018(Kyushu))

-International Symposium :Forecast Future Outlook of Safety Use & Industrial Applications of Electromagnetic Microwave Energy-



Symposium program(Final)

Oral (As of 11/10/2018) Nov.14-Nov.17

Poster (Final)


Participants:170(100 JEMEA members, 70 non-JEMEA ,members(Including 13 Technical co-sponsorship members.)



Oral presentation 58

Poster presentation 25

Key note (Invited speaker)    2

Award winner’s speech 2

Exhibitor’s presentation 11



  • Exhibitors(★14 companies, 〇 Placed Advertisement on proceedings)

★Amil C.,Ltd

★〇Anton Paar Japan K.K.
★Anritsu Meter Co.,Ltd
★〇M3 Laboratory Co.,Ltd

★Orient Microwave.Corp.Orient Microwave Corp.


★〇Shikoku Instrumentation CO.,LTD.

★Fuji Electronic Industrial Co.,Ltd.
★〇Milestone General K.K.
★〇Micro Denshi Co.,Ltd.
★Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

★〇Chengdu Wattsine Electronic Technology

(Alphabetical order)

During Symposium days, Key-note speech by Prof.Dadley and Prof. Leonelli,Oral/Poster presentation, Exhibitor’s presentation, Award winner’s speech total 98 presentation was held. Question and answer session with audience was active, attendee enjoyed  keen discussion time.


4.Banquet (Nov.15) @AJO

Participants:86(66 JEMEA members, 20 non-JEMEA ,members(Including 5 Technical co-sponsorship members.)

On-site registration number of Banquet was unexpectedly much, so AJO was crowded. But participants enjoyed exchange of information and their business cards, good food & drink. Near closing time, TV program (NHK Fukuoka) about “Public Program for citizenry” next day was broadcast on television.


5.Public Program for citizenry

(Japanese only)


JEMEA welcomed Dr. Shoko Murakami, famous expert of cooking using Microwave oven. She gave a demonstration of her original cooking.

And 5 JEMEA members introduced latest information about microwave.



JEMEA Best Paper / poster award winner will be announced soon.

Thank you very much for your attendance.


JEMEA President Naoki Shinohara
Professor, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University

The 12th JEMEA Symposium Organizing Committee Member
Chair: Shokichi Ohuchi (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Co-Chair: Kazutoshi Ikenaga (So-jo Univ.)
Satoshi Horikoshi (Sophia Univ.)
Hiroki Shimizu (AIST)
Atsushi Sugihasi (Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal)

Masaharu Tsuji (Kyushu Univ.)
Hatsuo Taira (Okayama Ceramics Center (Former : Kurosaki Harima Co.))



Sympo2018 office

11/14-17/2018 @kita Kyushu kokusai kaigijyou (Near Kokura Station)

Mail or (Ms.Yoko Sato)