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              The 13th JEMEA Workshop―Microwave medical application with front-line technology―

              Date & Time Jan.23(Thu),2020 13:30~17:30 



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              IEEE MTT-S Japan/Kansai/Nagoya Chapter / JAPAN ELECTRO-HEAT CENTER


              Chair (Former part )(Dr. Keiichirou Kashimura(Chubu Univ.)

              13:00-13:05 Opening 


              ”The world’s first realization of microwave mammography for next-generation breast cancer screening”
              Dr. Kenjiro Kimura (Kobe university)



              Microwave introduction into surgical energy devices
              –Neither bleeding nor smoking, and no interfere in MR scanner image –“
              Dr. Tohru Tani(Shiga University of Medical Scientce)

              -Summary: Nowadays, couples of surgical energy devices have been monopolistically used in surgical operations. They are monopolar electric cautery, tissue coagulation forceps with radiofrequency and coagulate-cutting device with ultrasonic. In these situation, we invented world’s first scissors type and tweezers type devices with microwave, and commercialized for the open surgery and endoscopic surgery.
              -These devices have strong tissue sealing power due to focusing energy with relative low power. And they have advantages using microwave, immediate on-off switch in heating, less emit smoke and mist and less stimulate to nerve and muscle. Now, devices for another medical fields, forceps for flexible endoscopy, end-arterial forceps, robotic hand and device for MRI guided surgery, have been developed.

              15:05~15:20 Break Time
              Chair (Latter part)(Dr. Hideoki FUkushima (Toyota Central R&D labo, Inc)
              “Intraoperative microwave coagulo-necrotic therapy (MCN) for Liver Cancers”
              Dr. Yuko Takami (National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical Center)

              Summary: Intraoperative microwave ablation, named microwave coagulo-necrotic therapy (MCN) is very effective and useful for locoregional control of liver cancers; comparable to hepatic resection. Now I introduce “MCN” as one of the first-choice treatments for liver cancers, even for patients with poor liver function or multiple lesions.

              Introduction and demonstration of device for Microwave medical application
              Alfresa Pharma Corporation
              Nikkiso Co., Ltd /h6>

              「Panel Discussion」
              Panelist:Lecturers add Dr. Yoshio Nikawa (Kokushikan Univ.)

              banquet(Place:Same room as workshop)


              10F Sin-Marunouchi building, 5-1, Marunouchi 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6510.

              Kyoto Academia Forum in Marunouchi Mail conference room CD

              【Kyoto Akademia Forum:Access】 

              Nearest station:JR、Tokyo Metro subway “Tokyo” station.
              (Direct connected) 10 Minutes ‘Walk from Tokyo statin “Shinkansen bullet train platform”. In front of Marunouchi North Exit.

              Attendance Fee

              Attendance fee(WIth proceedings)
              -Tax Included, JEMEA issue receipt
              JEMEA member/Co-sponsorship (Pre-registration) 4,000円(JPY)
              JEMEA Student member 2,500円(JPY)
              JEMEA member Co-sponsorship member(On-site) 7,000円(JPY)
              Non JEMEA member(Except student) 8,000円(JPY)
              Non jemea member (Student) 3,000円(JPY)
              Banquet Fee(Both JEMEA & Non JEMEA member) 4,000円(JPY)

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              ※Member of cooperative organization adapt same price as JEMEA Member. Please input your belonging society’s name when registration.

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