Message from President, SHINOHARA Naoki

日本電磁波応用学会理事長 篠原 真毅


An electromagnetic wave was firstly predicted by J. C. Maxwell and was proved its existence by H. R. Hertz. The electromagnetic wave technologies make a substantial contribution for growth of human being through 150 years after its prediction, Most of the contribution was by broadcasting, wireless communication, and radar technologies. A microwave heating technology, which was born in 1940s, also contributed for human being.

In 21st century, a microwave chemistry, which is not simple substitute heat and can born new chemical reaction, appears and it is expected as a microwave and an electromagnetic wave as a heating application. Based on these back ground, Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications (JEMEA) was born in 2006 based on the activity of ” Institute of Electromagnetic Wave Application, Japan(IEAJ) and “Microwave Technology Forum”.

As shown in the history, JEMEA is an interdisciplinary scientific society with chemical scientists and electromagnetic wave / microwave engineers. In JEMEA, we can discuss without any border. A microwave oven was born from radar technology. Recently science and technology enters into expertise blind alley and it is said that we cannot view a future.

Creation of new value by interdisciplinary fusion, and creation and growth of new innovation by collaboration of academia, industry, and government are mostly required. JEMEA is and will be hopefully a field for discussion by various scientists and engineers toward their aim.

April 18, 2018

JEMEA President
Naoki Shinohara
Professor, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University

History of JEMEA Presidents