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              第14回 日本電磁波エネルギー応用学会シンポジウム 参加申込フォーム
              第14回 日本電磁波エネルギー応用学会シンポジウム 口頭・ポスター発表申込フォーム
              第14回 日本電磁波エネルギー応用学会シンポジウム 機器展示出展・広告出稿申込フォーム

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              Extention by 1/25: IMPI 54 Abstract Due Date 1/15/2020 (6/15-17/2020@USA)

              The 54th Annual Microwave Power Symposium (IMPI 54) will be held from Jun.15-17,2020 at The DeSoto Hotel, Savannah, Georgia, USA.
              Why don’t you join IMPI 54, the oldest Microwave heating’s association and make presentation, discuss with word-wide researchers ?

              Abstracts Due date is Jan.15,2020. →Extended until Jan 25, 2020 

              (If you can’t  submit by due date, please contact Dr. Horikosihi. He’ll help you if you can submit within several days.)



              The 54th Annual Microwave Power Symposium (IMPI 54)

              Jun 15th, 2020 – Jun 17th, 2020
              The DeSoto Hotel, Savannah, Georgia, USA

              IMPORTANT DATES

              Abstracts Due Date: Jan 15, 2020  →Extended until Jan 25, 2020
              Acceptance Notices: Feb 14, 2020
              Final Papers Due: Mar 13, 2020
              Conference: June 15-17, 2020

              【Call For Papers】 

              You can download Template IMPI 54 Home page.
              【IMPI 54 HP】 

              If you have any questions about IMPI54, please contact with Dr. Horikosi,(JEMEA member and IMPI54 TPC)(English/Japanese)

              【Dr. Horikoshi (E-mail address)】

              Please join IMPI 54

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