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              Announcement: The winner of Award (Sympo2019(Tsukuba))

              During Sympo2019 period, 41 oral presentations and 26 poster presentations were done.
              JEMEA’s review committee announce winner of Award.
              【Sympo2019 HP-English】 

              【JAMEA Symposium Award】: 2

              The effects of microwave selective heating on the synthesis of high quantum yields carbon quantum dots”
              Kenta Hagiwara (Sophia University)

              “In situ / operando analysis of dehydration reaction of 2-propanol by WO3 catalysis under microwave irradiation”
              Tomoki Higuchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

              【JAMEA Poster award】: 1

              ”Microwave Enhancement on Intramolecular Cyclization (2) : Nazarov Cyclization”
              Yusuke Kubota(Keio University)

              Awarding ceremony will be held on Jan.23/2020 at Kyoto Academia Forum at Tokyo.

              【The 13th JEMEA Workshop―Microwave medical application with front-line technology―】 

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