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Posted by admin on 2008/8/28 11:45:55 (3389 reads)

Workshops by the Society of Separation Process Engineers, Japan in cooperation with JEMEA will be held on September 19, 2008.
In detail click here

Posted by admin on 2008/8/22 0:20:12 (3789 reads)

Workshops on Combinatorial Chemistry is in cooperation with JEMEA

Posted by admin on 2008/8/20 0:45:42 (3525 reads)

Conference Name: 8th Asia-Pacific Conference of Fundamental Problems of Opto and Microelectronics (APCOM 2008)
Date: Sept. 1-3, 2008
Place: Kokushikan University, Setagaya, Tokyo
Sponsor: Kokushikan University

Posted by admin on 2008/8/19 21:12:22 (3409 reads)

Workshops on Plasma Processing in Atmospheric Pressure in cooperation with JEMEA will be held on August 27, 2008.
In detail click here

Posted by admin on 2008/8/11 20:29:31 (3782 reads)

GCMEA 2008/MAJIC 1st, from Aug. 4th to 8th at Otsu, Japan, turned out to be extremely successful. 107 people attended at Short Course on Aug. 4, and about 300 attendee (200 Japanese, 100 from other countries) on the congress from Aug. 5-8. Thank you very much for your coming! For details, we will report later on this HP.
MAJIC 2nd will be held on 2012, next Olympic year. Members of MAJIC Organizing Committee will attend next AMPERE meeting on September, 2009 at Karlsruhe to decide the place to be held. MAJIC continues far into the future! Thank you very much.
Yoshio Nikawa, General Chairperson
Motoyasu Sato, Chairperson, Executive Committee,
GCMEA 2008, MAJIC 1st

Posted by admin on 2008/6/25 4:54:15 (4060 reads)

Symposium on Synthetic Engineering is in cooperation with JEMEA
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Posted by admin on 2008/6/9 10:30:20 (4713 reads)

Short courses to study fundamental & novel Microwave Energy Application Technologies will be held in August 4, 2008 during GCMEA 2008 / Majic 1st.

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Posted by admin on 2008/5/30 11:23:03 (4343 reads)

The deadline for pre-registration of GCMEA 2008 / MAJIC 1st has beenextended on June 30(JST).

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Posted by admin on 2008/5/30 11:22:10 (3905 reads)

The deadline for submission of maximum 4 page manuscript to publish proceedings of GCMEA 2008 / MAJIC 1st is May 31, 2008.

Directions about submission of the manuscripts for the proceedings.

0. Prepare maximum 4-page manuscript for the proceedings in word or pdf format.

1. Open Registration/Submission page in the Home Page of GCMEA 2008.

2. Click "Please proceed to Registration and Submission Page" to open the Registration Page.

3. Put your ID and password in the "STEP 3 LOG-IN FORM" and login.

4. Click the tab of "Abstract".

5. Click "REVISE" in your "Abstract Title" frame.

6. Confirm Name, Affiliation, Abstract Title, Presentation Style, Category, and Number of Affiliation(s) for Co-author(s) and click "NEXT". If you change the information above, these may not reflect the program.

7. In the "Abstract Submission" page, put the file name of the manuscript in the "File Upload" window by clicking "File Select" and "SEND".

8. Read Copyright Transfer Agreement by clicking "DETAIL" and select "I agree", if you agree the contents.

9. Go to next page by clicking "NEXT" and confirm the information in the page. If necessary, go "BACK" and correct information. If it is OK, click "NEXT".

10. Your have completed if "Your submission has been revised" is displayed. Furthermore, the email titled "Global Congress on Microwave Energy Applications (GCMEA 2008 MAJIC 1st):Message for Revision of Abstract Submission" and including the message; "Revision of your Abstract information has been completed." is delivered to the address you registered.

To revise your manuscript, please start from the top and replace your manuscript.

For further information, please contact
Local Secretariat
Proactive Inc.
Bay Wing Kobe 10F, 85-1 Edomachi,
Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
TEL: +81-78-332-2505 / FAX: +81-78-332-2506

Posted by admin on 2008/4/28 1:02:46 (4467 reads)

平成19年度の総会で、1年間の準備期間をおき、平成21年度(平成21年4月1日以降)から、入会金(金額未定)を取らせていただくことが承認されました。HP等で予告させていただき、来年の総会で決定となります。平成21年3月31日までの期間は引き続き入会金はありません。GCMEA 2008 / MAJIC 1国際会議に参加予定の非会員の方にも是非ご案内ください。入会希望者には下記アドレスをご案内ください。


Posted by admin on 2008/4/28 1:01:59 (5378 reads)

4月21日、総会と同一会場で第一回 日本電磁波エネルギー応用学会マイクロ波技術研修が以下のプログラムで開催されました。

13:30〜14:20 マイクロ波安全技術研修I


講師:四国計測工業株式会社 堀川 栄

14:20〜14:30 休憩

14:30〜16:00 マイクロ波基礎技術研修I

講師:国士舘大学 二川 佳央

16:00〜16:20 マイクロ波技術研修試験

16:10〜16:50 GCMEA 2008 / MAJIC 1 ― 国際会議の案内

紹介者:核融合研究所 佐藤 元泰

東京工業大学 和田 雄二


「マイクロ波技術研修試験」の答案は現在採点・集計中で、8 割以上の正答者に修了証を発行いたします。発送はGW明け頃になる予定です。



Posted by admin on 2008/4/28 0:59:12 (4224 reads)



尚、4月24日時点での会員数は、個人153名 法人26社、合計179となっております。

Posted by admin on 2008/4/28 0:57:37 (5700 reads)


 MAJIC英文HPのGeneral Informationをご確認ください。



4. 参加登録費は下記でご確認ください。 



6.GCMEA 2008 / MAJIC 1 国際会議に関してのお問い合わせは以下の通りです。

Proactive Inc.
Promena Kobe 16F, 1-8-1 Higashi-kawasaki-cho,
Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
TEL: +81-78-366-5050 / FAX: +81-78-366-5051

Posted by admin on 2008/4/28 0:54:19 (4562 reads)


Posted by admin on 2008/4/10 20:59:00 (3804 reads)


会議名称 : 第55回機器による分析化学講習会
開催日時 : 平成20年7月24日(木)、25日(金)
開催場所 : 京都大学吉田キャンパス/桂キャンパス
主催団体 : (社)日本分析化学会近畿支部


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