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Bulletin of Japan Society of
Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications, vol.3. issue 2 (2017)

Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications

Special Issue: Introduction of new member of JEMEA's board of directors
JEMEA's administrative board welcomed new members in 2016 & 2017.
They wrote self-introduction and resolution as  JEMEA's board of directors.

1.My resolution and self-introduction by Dr. Asano.

2.My resolution and self-introduction by Dr. Sugihasi.

3.My resolution and self-introduction by Dr. Watanabe.

International Conference Report
Reports on International Conference held in 2017 Summer.

4.IMPI 51

Report on the 16th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating

Report on JEMEA Symposium 2017
6.11th annual symposium of JEMEA was held in Nagoya on Nov. 8-10

Topics of Latest Research
Report on 5th workshop by Database Working Group (WG) for Permittivity and Permeability of Materials. (Commentary papers)
Contents of the lectures are provided as papers by the speakers at the workshop held at Kuramae Hall, Tokyo Institute of Technology on Jan. 22th 2016.

7.Special topics: Negative Permittivity and the Measurement

8.Electronic Origin of Negative Dielectric Permeability

9.The reason why the permittivity seems to be a negative at the measurement of the conductive material

10.Development of electromagnetic metamaterials by use of artificial and granular composite materials

11.Relation between permittivity, electric conductivity and microwave heating of semiconductor materials

12.Relationship between permittivity and electric conductivity of high loss (graphite mixture) materials

Introduction of JEMEA Working Group (WG) Activity
Simulation Working group started Working Group activity from June, 2017.

13.A Report on the 1st. Lecture Meeting Promoted by the Simulation Working Group of JEMEA

Introduction of newly published Book written and/or edited by JEMEA members

14.Introduction of new book: Fundamentals and industrial applications of microwave heating

Memorial Award of JEMEA Progress Prize
15.Investigation of microwave non-equilibrium reaction and development for material processing

International Conferences in 2018

16.International Conferences in 2018
(PDF) 43

Announcement for the next issue

17.Special Topics: JEMEA Journal #1
    Activity report of WG (Young researcher's Academy WG)
    Topics of latest research:
     "5th Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications seminor"

(PDF) 45

Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications

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