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Short Courses
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- What we should understand for safety use of Microwave Energy -

Nov.15-16 The 12th JEMEA Symposium Oral/Poster Presentation/Equipment display
Nov.17 Public Program for citizenry (in preparation)

Date & Time
Nov.14,2018 (Wed) 13:25-17:30

Kitakyushu International Conference Center at Fukuoka prefecture 3-9-30 Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka 802-0001
5 minutes' walk from JR Kokura Station.
35 minutes' drive by limousine bus from Kitakyushu-airport.

Starting Event 13:25

Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications


City of Kitakyushu
Kyushu Institute of Technology

Granting Agency
Kitakyushu Convention & Visitors Association

Technical Co-sponsorship
IEEE MTT-S Japan/Kansai/Nagoya Chapter
The Ceramic Society of japan
The Chemical Society of Japan
Japan Society For The Promotion of Science 188th committee on Electromagnetic-Field-Excited Reaction Fields
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, linear Drives Technical Committee
The Iron & Steel Institute of Japan
The Society of Chemical Engineering, Japan
The Society of Nano Science and Technology, Japan

For to progress research and technical development by using Electromagnetic wave energy, it's a well -known fact that paying fully attention to safety measurement is very important. Of course,we can make a some prediction through getting and understanding needed knowledge and experimentation, since we have our own accumulated experience. And also we can avoid risk by using active simulation technique. But against our will, we apt to encounter unpredictable danger or accident. This short course aims to solve what's most troubling about Electromagnetic Wave Energy application technology from the standpoint of Heinrich's law, known to "Hiyari-hatto" (unreported occurrences in English).

In this course, in addition to invited speaker, we will choose 6 speakers from among the public. It's not uncommon to people who is in charge of research or development by using Electromagnetic wave energy experience mistake, failure or accident unfortunately. JEMEA welcome open-application speaker who will show your experience within 15 min. JEMEA want to choose various afflictions (e.g. university, company, laboratory) , and won't limit job titles. University student can apply, too. JEMEA is waiting for your application.
According to Heinrich's law, behind one Accident, 300 unreported occurrences lurking in the background like to collect those case studies by short course. Please fill in "Hiyari-hatto report sheet" and send to JEMEA. We would print within proceedings. We hope tangible data (not intangible). Please specify quantity. Please allow us to edit if there remains what's related to your research contents or what's contains possibility of legal violation. JEMEA planning to open this "Hiyai-hatto" data via JEMEA homepage (JEMEA member only) as one of activities JEMEA new working group, "Researching about Biological Effects & safety use of Microwave Energy WG".

Opening/Chair-First half (Shokichi Ohuchi(Kyushu Institute of Technology )

Case study of Hiari-Hatto(unreported occurrences)
By 6 reporters( 15Min.each)

15:00-15:10 Break

"Biological effect cased by radio-frequency radiation"
Junji Miyakoshi / Eijiro Narita (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University)

In modern society, electromagnetic waves are ubiquitous in our living environment although they are invisible to our eyes. There are various electromagnetic environments spreading out such as low-frequency to high-frequency wave and millimeter wave. It is true that many people have anxiety about the effects on health from the invisible non-ionizing electromagnetic waves as with radioactive rays. I introduce a high frequency wave as an environmental factor and its health effect based on international discussions.

Chair-latter half (Kazutoshi Ikenaga(So-jo Univ.))

"Method to avoid accidents caused by microwave heating"
Junichi Sugiyama (AIST)

Microwave is electromagnetic energy, and it is not harmful when weak. However, unintentional concentration can cause personal injury and property damage. In this lecture, how accidents can occur and how they can be avoided is described.

" Regulations Related to Microwave Heating"
Kazuaki Senda (Fuji Electronic Industrial Co.,Ltd)

When we use Microwave Equipment, we need to know the regulations and Standard.
Therefore I would like to explain you about Safety standard and Legal regulation related to Electromagnetic wave such us "Radio wave low", "Safety standard", and "Protection standard".
And Microwave Equipment is possibility that equipment malfunctions and radio interference.
Therefore I explain Electro Magnetic compatibility and Electro Magnetic interference.

17:20-17:30 Closing

FormatHiyari-Hatto case study
Contact point / Where to send case study

Deadline: Sep.21(Fri)


Registration Fee(Including Tax)
Early registration Fee(Deadline: Oct.12(Fri) (Deadline of payment through a bank transfer: Oct.26 (Fri))

Registration Fee after Oct.13(Sat)
For JEMEA Member & cooperative organization Member, Registration after Oct.6 (Sat) will adapt on-site fee (2,000 JYP Up each.)


The 12th JEMEA Symposium Organizing Committee Member
Chair: Shokichi Ohuchi (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Co-Chair: Kazutoshi Ikenaga (So-jo Univ.)
Satoshi Horikoshi (Sophia Univ.)
Atsushi Sugihasi (Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal)

Masaharu Tsuji (Kyushu Univ.)
Hatsuo Taira (Okayama Ceramics Center (Former : Kurosaki Harima Co.))

Yoko Sato (JEMEA office)

Sympo2018 executive committee (Secretariat)


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